Grooming Services

Take Good Care of Your Pets, From Claws to Coat

We offer cat and dog grooming services in Sauk Rapids, MN and surrounding areas

Does your cat or dog look a little rough around the edges? All they need is a little TLC. Purrfect Paws Pet Spa is your go-to destination for professional pet grooming in Sauk Rapids, MN and surrounding areas . Cuddly canines and feisty felines alike will look better and feel better once we're done. You might not even recognize the stylish pet you take home.

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A little grooming goes a long way

A little grooming goes a long way

Dogs don't hold back when it comes to playtime. Rolling around in the mud and running through bushes is all part of the adventure. Your pup should be able to enjoy playtime and still have a well-groomed coat. All they need is routine dog grooming. When you bring your dog to us, we'll bathe, shampoo and blow dry them. Plus, we'll trim their nails and coat and provide de-shedding services.

While cats are skilled at grooming themselves, they often need a little assistance. Trimming their claws and coats will promote better hygiene and reduce shedding. We offer pet grooming for all of your furry friends. Visit our pet spa in Sauk Rapids, MN today.